Restructure of Civilization / October 2018


Welcoming New as we Renew our frequency, embracing the present, being more of who we are. October theme is authenticity, Integration, rest and rejuvenating, create action plan through energy of soul/mission and observe to connect all elements and fully embody the highest and purest energy of higher self in physical. Holographic timelines will merge and at the same time will collapse and transform faster and faster, like in a day the entire physical dimension can shift to a more powerful and clear physical reality unless we still have unresolved human/3D frequencies.

Complete let go of all lower connections, emotional behaviour patterns & programs.

The next two months will be focused on purity, centralized and anchoring of Divine Self in Body, crystallizing the light body through heart centre/ one Heart and then bringing everything in alignment with the source.
We are becoming walking portals, fully grounded on Earth, with each new coming waves, we collectively upgrade faster and more purified each time, in Now.
Everyday we move more crystallised/pure as Spirit/One on face Earth, this The Happening seeds and The Movement as Collective will come to its unification in coming months and that means we not only can access the Blueprint of New Earth, we will know exactly what is our role and responsibility in this Mission.
The Soul Groups assignments will be so specific that their individual vibration will not allow them to invest energy in anything else except their assigned tasks/ self Truth.

I will write more on this and also is guided to design a flip charts to show how Spirit/Individual missions forms our Actions/Doings to transmute Frequency into Order and Strategy to work as Collective toward the New Civilization. 5D and above all energy works integrate, focus and materialise within the already Manifested supporting Holographic Template of Timelines. Means we only take action when all is fully done at energy level, and our physical Action is THE ALIGNMENT OF SPIRIT AND MATTER… and boom..
Physical Reality appear and reflect back the same energy and desired created manifestation.
We call this MAGIC!

Going to tap deeper today and thanks to my friends I have a bed in dorm tonight, but please hold the energy/love, so my vessel be at function as my Mission is getting stronger everyday and without what is known as Divine Design for this Ascension/Light codes being unlocked into Action/ Earth Strategy, we can not hold and contain new waves. Our work is collective, but our design can only come from/as One.
The forerunners will team up in the coming months, and the first general act will be voicing the truth about DE-CAPITALIZED SOCIETY AND HOW MONEY/HUMAN LABOR/TIME needs to come to Enlightenment of its structure and money as a Value system transform to Flow/Love and in coming 150 years be completely removed from Human Civilization on Earth.
Our work as awaken souls is about to begin and no personal agenda, business set up even with pure intention as healing, teaching, can stay individual.
This is Spirit creating through US to support Gaia and solar system and other Galaxies.
It is time to simplify, be free and see everything as One Love and act from that Love.

Please join our mailing list on New Earth & Civilization site and fb page.

Serena Seraphim

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