New Portals, preparation for 2020 Abundance bridges

Healing of Old, activating New Creation codes

The last few days, has been another deep clearing, vaccum cleaning on collective lower frequency, to transform, purified and anchor energy of Heaven, joy of present on Earth.
After the collective reset in September 2019, many locations and roles of forerunners are changed and it is much more within individual soul blueprint that our new grounds and divine work is shaping.
It is important to understand within the collective, we move on different waves and frequencies.
First wave blue rays have been through a longer human life between 45/60 age now, they carry the Orginal templates of new year and as they galactic role as frequency holders and activating sites and portals are concluded they are moving into resting and connecting power points on Earth/Stars/Solar system/ Other galaxies within matrix and by end of 2019, a new Mother board generator is coming to live which it’s purpose to connect and flow heaven’s limitless abundance into New Earth and all New civilization projects.
Many ruin sacred sites and lands currently releasing hidden codes of abundance through human light bodies which either travel or live or recently relocated to specific geography coordination,to receive and connect those codes to living templates and hold form and formless Through Divine Will, so the bridges shape and come fully to alignment for the happening in 2020.

Since I am stationed in Turkey, it has been fast track 3D events and actions which made it hard to stay receptive for downloads, and only since I am in Bodrum, again templates are charged and visions and energy of Higher self are showing and directing the human vessel. 🙏

This morning I went to a ruin city close to Bodrum names Pedasa Antique City.
Pedasa lived the ancient Lelegs during the Bronze and Iron Ages. Lelegs considered as a separate nation of the Ancient Carya, they moved here after the Trojan War. The flowering civilization of which fell for the period from 11th to 6th centuries BC.
The energy is old and New, both mystical and galactical, the city is ruined and they are fragments of fortress walls and two internal towers. Several dome-shaped tombs have been preserved in the southern part of the hill.

I spent sometime there and while was anchoring a New Energy Portal, I had a vision , saw a Huge Wheel above the Harbor, spinning in reflection of a golden disk inside darkness of Space/womb of creation, it was full of shinny stars, felt like Milky way in form of wheel.
And then a key fell from above, into the water and golden bubbles befan appearing and float above the water. Then I saw a City of Light, made by plasma, sound and vibrating in the exact geographic place that my body currently is standing.

For sometime, I feel part of me wants to step back and be just in silence, at the same time, the energy stored in body as consciousness inviting my attention toward new creation, as and from Mind of One, as Divine Architect and Mother of Creation. How is still unknown, but as all things are shown and experience as natural flow and the mind of one is always stays neutral, it appears my presence in Turkey and this region is part of my future self map as my human history also empowers the current happening, I continue to play my part natural and with or without others, the ascension story has completed for my human vessel and she is at a New Stage of Creating and balancing Gaia.
Every step has to become effortless, happening without any translation or reasoning, as consciousness, there is no more a person to get upset, blame, point finger, act impulsive or even require any guidance.
The Earth is the mirror of Heaven, we can choose which one is our reality and move within that frequency, and Be…
That is the Sound of OM.

Photos from today activation of joy, mystery, hidden codes of creation and beauty of not knowing…Only Now and Here. 🙏
Thank you Life. ❤

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