Creation Codes, Ancient an Sacred sites. CELESTIAL FREQUENCIES



esterday morning I went to one of the most sacred and impressive buildings/church/masque and museum in the world.
Hagia Sophia is beyond description, the energy was so high, that I immediately transported to her highest frequency of Holiness and Wisdom. Regard its history of the building, from orthodox church to be a masque and today a museum you can search google.
What I like to share is more of a personal nature. First of all yesterday was raining the entire day and my plan was to go to do some winter cloth shopping. But as soon ad I woke up, I felt a huge movement on my left hand side of body and heard a voice calling my name ( Seraphim ), then I saw the vision of Hagia Sophia and knew today is the day I have to go and visit and of course 1st of December, 3 days after my earth birthday and new moon, all made sense.

I got there and something made first visit the Blue Masque which located in same location and as rain still pouring and wind is strong to hold an umbrella, I walked under rain between the two location and by time I got the Hagia Sophia I was all wet.

Pass the entry and ticket kiosk and entered the building and suddenly my head began getting a high volume vibration. I entered the main space which you can see in the pictures, with muslim and christianity elementals and not much light inside the building. First I felt a deep space like a no form reality which I was connected with all past energy of the building, since AD 360 that is build. So much surpressed darkness from the walls floor, came out. It was a very low 2/3 energy and then I huge warmth from head and above began, Light so strong and pure, like I am standing in heaven, I was over joy, at the same time crippled to move from that spot.
I looked up and saw one of wall paintings which shows a 6 wings angel ( Seraphim), they are 4 painting above the pillars at each corner of ceiling which the one with a face was covered due to restoration.
In that moment, my heart stopped and began again as I was entered to my True Home ( Frequency of original, celestial Self, Seraphim, the flame of One). I never felt like this in any holy building, over the last few years extensive travel and light work, receiving codes and activations have become normal, but this experience was something different, It felt like something within me sealed, it was a completion of some sort, like I entered my spaceship on Earth, where I am home, everything resonates and make sense.

It was no need to open a portal, it was already open for I Am. I sat for a while and took some photos. Everytime I looked and connect visually to one of the Seraphim of the wall, above my head energy began spinning.
Then through a stony corridor I along other visitors went to the gallery upstairs, where ai find a chair and took one of quartz crystals out and began chanting and speaking light language spontaneously like I could not stop myself. I was in complete trance, my body was took over by celestial beings, i was under a waterfall of light. It was a moment I felt, I am leaving the body, my work is completed, suddenly like my arms is grasped by someone, energy gave a shock to my body and I heard..
It is the beginning, and I began crying for few seconds.
I spent another 20 minutes sitting and then finished the top floor, returned down stairs and shortly left.
When I came home, I noticed something in I Am has fully completed. In August 2019 When I went to Egypt for Lions Gate, I was shown 7 seals that need to become activated, formless and in form, they are the pillars of New Earth Templates and bring in the Abundance codes into manifestation. My talking about New Earth design and Master builders tasks has been stopped for months now and I mainly work with energy of the blueprint and locations, until the entire team 144 souls are become fully align for divine will, to flow, connect and start The ACTIVATION OF EMERALD ORDER.

My connections with Turkey was a big surprise when I was sent here. Since I am here, I was pushed to a lot of 3D doings and movement and suddenly feels I have to stop all doings now and open to a flow of New. My current flat is temporary and as far as my inner compass, feels my home on earth is on its way and will be like a meeting point of starseeds and master builders. IT FEELS the first location has to be here, where the world meets. CONSTANTINE or Istanbul has been a strategic location in Old Civilization and it will become a Galactic Station after some energy clearing which might even represent through natural disaster.
Since September, ascension for forerunners really completed, some even before that. Now it is more about localizing, purifying and open space for divine will to flow and create.
It is a potent time for something never been created and experienced before in Human existence. We are in Freedom, in full power of choices in alignment with what it is.

I will write as it flows, will be more sharing of how creation codes are surfacing through ancient and sacred sites, elementals and how understanding I Am plays an important part in our next movements.

With love, light and blessings

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