Solstice update, Divine Structure activation in 2020


The journey is eternal. And we have crossed many bridges to become Masters of Time and Manifestation. The coming few days silence will open and unseal a huge energy of Earth Elementals along with New Waves of Creation, complete embodiment of Divine Will in Human vessels.

Ascension forerunners are all positioned strategically to connect the BEGINNING OF this NEW LEVEL OF UNIFIED ACTIVATION AND HAPPENING which will be the main FoRCE IN 2020, to turn on and suddenly humanity see the BLUE PRINT OF NEW EARTH, completed.

Like Christmas tree, we put all light wires, decorations we wish for, in harmony, completing a design we have in heart and mind and when ready, we plug in the cable into the socket and wow… the tree comes to life.

The last 12 years for many half awaken souls have been moved, purified, rewired, connected all DIVINE STRATEGY to make this connected bulbs ready, still and from January 2020, especially with the Energy waves coming through December, our vessels coming to their maximum VOLTAGE OF MOTHER OF CREATION, and collectively (all light bulbs on Christmas tree) with go active, however, our work also be exactly like those bulbs, we have the ability to change colours with the same wire! Divine Master Program EMBODIED IN PURIFIED, NEUTRAL vessels, so no individuality will be felt.

This is how abundance codes are working, there is not One Vessel to activate it. Activation comes as Collective, there is no more or less, no right or wrong position.

The Monad God presence on Earth all through 2020 will become the strongest Physical Manifestation through our Collective Human AVIATORS, it will shape many happenings, events, restructure of lands and social governments, we already saw how UK fell into a lower frequency cycle, but this does not mean it stays there, if AGAIN COLLECTIVE AWAKEN HEARTS Choose another HIGHER REALITY, it will reform and come back to physical reality with a NEW CYCLE OF VIBRATION which supports PEACE, PURITY AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, pillars of NewEarth,HEAVEN ON EARTH.

I feel in January the grounding will allow me to return to writing and doing some Earth Tasks and Steps to Bring Divine Organizations Map into form of templates and if DIVINE DESIGN be ready to unveil and appear, Master Builders will receive their datas and connect with each other as well as Their EARTH CREW, to create their local foundations/GALACTIC STATIONS, to work as One UNIT OF LIGHT/ One Christmas tree along the full decoration of othef thousands trees, all in perfect timing and according to Law Of One.

I celebrate today and everyday on this sacred Planet with every Living, in flow of consciousness, we experience STREAMS OF LOVE which is our Divinity, our FREEDOM.

Words from Serena Devi

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