Divine Will, Mother board full power, entry 0f 2020 phenomenon!

Not sure how to use words now… felt the last few days, eras of low frequencies, shadow is erased.. another level of consciousness opened up… assembling Galactic Leaders to assigned New ships.
A new level of creation, linked to each ship/captain/crews are coming online.
For many game will get serious and fast changes of reality… for some, all maturing up as Divine Pure Will and Heart…so magic flows…
We are boarding Mothership now, with new Bodies…
End of physical pain for us.🙏
no longer feel human, like never been here… like just fast recap in 2 minutes of download of a new Level of Divine Design,Game of creation! Uploaded.

I Am at Orginal State of My highest frequency linked to the creator, this is not rebirth… cause the vessel has cured from human disease(Mind).

Full force Now leads the body and replace and renew as we move into 2020.
Captains will station fully on their assigned geography location on Earth, to plant the structure of Change, as for coming years divine will shall empower the planet to use its higher frequency to recycle the dead energy, many human will leave the bodies, storms, earthquakes, tornados, fires will be part of these renewal.

At the same Time, awaken Avatars, light communities merge and access higher tools and gifts to balance this transition and transformation locally on earth, as well as solar system, Milky way and all through Galaxies, and higher into Celestial formless realities.

Divine Mother is leading force feom now on. Open your Hearts, Allow and Accept all as it is, as everyday unfolds.

this download received today,

New frequency is enjected into consciousness of collective,

take us into One Creation, One Law.
Breathe is the bridge between worlds or reality and Truth of One.

Keep purifying your frequency, through breathing in state of neutrality and in nature way.

Equality and Totality is the New Earth Foundation.

Peace, Love, Freedom.

Words from Seraphim Joy

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