22499245_2056502304571102_5964137671569027470_oSerena Devi is the founder of New Earth Unity Foundation. After her heart initiation and Soul DNA activation in 2008, her every step has been guided to serve Gaia and Humanity, Stars and Galaxies. To bring forth elements, codes, templates and Silence into Now and Here, to Voice, Design and Deliver the NEW EARTH & CIVILIZATION Divine Templates and work frames. She began her truth-walking pilgrimage with no possessions and only by donation in 2017, after full surrendering to what life and opened her heart to Spirit, as it emerges spontaneously out of the unknown and requires unconditional acceptance to encounter and be touched and moved as one flow . For the last 10 years, she has journeyed the pathless path of truth, PILGRIMAGE OF HEART, embracing both the joy and heart ache of grow, to live naked, be exposed and bear witness to most intimate experiences of being in present, without a control and attachment to outcomes of her soft foot steps on earth.

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