New Portals, preparation for 2020 Abundance bridges

Healing of Old, activating New Creation codes

The last few days, has been another deep clearing, vaccum cleaning on collective lower frequency, to transform, purified and anchor energy of Heaven, joy of present on Earth.
After the collective reset in September 2019, many locations and roles of forerunners are changed and it is much more within individual soul blueprint that our new grounds and divine work is shaping.
It is important to understand within the collective, we move on different waves and frequencies.
First wave blue rays have been through a longer human life between 45/60 age now, they carry the Orginal templates of new year and as they galactic role as frequency holders and activating sites and portals are concluded they are moving into resting and connecting power points on Earth/Stars/Solar system/ Other galaxies within matrix and by end of 2019, a new Mother board generator is coming to live which it’s purpose to connect and flow heaven’s limitless abundance into New Earth and all New civilization projects.
Many ruin sacred sites and lands currently releasing hidden codes of abundance through human light bodies which either travel or live or recently relocated to specific geography coordination,to receive and connect those codes to living templates and hold form and formless Through Divine Will, so the bridges shape and come fully to alignment for the happening in 2020.

Since I am stationed in Turkey, it has been fast track 3D events and actions which made it hard to stay receptive for downloads, and only since I am in Bodrum, again templates are charged and visions and energy of Higher self are showing and directing the human vessel. 🙏

This morning I went to a ruin city close to Bodrum names Pedasa Antique City.
Pedasa lived the ancient Lelegs during the Bronze and Iron Ages. Lelegs considered as a separate nation of the Ancient Carya, they moved here after the Trojan War. The flowering civilization of which fell for the period from 11th to 6th centuries BC.
The energy is old and New, both mystical and galactical, the city is ruined and they are fragments of fortress walls and two internal towers. Several dome-shaped tombs have been preserved in the southern part of the hill.

I spent sometime there and while was anchoring a New Energy Portal, I had a vision , saw a Huge Wheel above the Harbor, spinning in reflection of a golden disk inside darkness of Space/womb of creation, it was full of shinny stars, felt like Milky way in form of wheel.
And then a key fell from above, into the water and golden bubbles befan appearing and float above the water. Then I saw a City of Light, made by plasma, sound and vibrating in the exact geographic place that my body currently is standing.

For sometime, I feel part of me wants to step back and be just in silence, at the same time, the energy stored in body as consciousness inviting my attention toward new creation, as and from Mind of One, as Divine Architect and Mother of Creation. How is still unknown, but as all things are shown and experience as natural flow and the mind of one is always stays neutral, it appears my presence in Turkey and this region is part of my future self map as my human history also empowers the current happening, I continue to play my part natural and with or without others, the ascension story has completed for my human vessel and she is at a New Stage of Creating and balancing Gaia.
Every step has to become effortless, happening without any translation or reasoning, as consciousness, there is no more a person to get upset, blame, point finger, act impulsive or even require any guidance.
The Earth is the mirror of Heaven, we can choose which one is our reality and move within that frequency, and Be…
That is the Sound of OM.

Photos from today activation of joy, mystery, hidden codes of creation and beauty of not knowing…Only Now and Here. 🙏
Thank you Life. ❤

New Earth Birthing!

Few words on current reality, individual, collective and galactic

At Galactic, newearth system which was seeded energetically era ago is coming into form and reality. The Divine Creator’s breath is a geometric sound vibration that sets many spiral light waves within Boundless Ocean Consciousness into activation and in flow. In our current Holographic Evolution, we have entered a phase which unification and localization is the theme of the movement. Within Galaxy(s), love vibration has reached to a level that worlds in speed of Light begin merging and manifesting in full power, this is not just limited to Earth, in years to come, we receive more data on how our revolutionary evolution has an impact on Milky way and our connections with other planets, star systems and how in close future we can transport our consciousness between higher dimensional realities, bring advance knowledge in form of science, magic, manifestation into our physical reality. We crossed that Bridge this Lions Gate, we have entered into Chamber of Abundance and Secret Knowledge of Vibrational Creation Sound and waves. Now we can access higher intelligence, intent, attract and bring into form anything align with pure Crystalline Golden Heart rhythms and as long as we understand our role with the rest of Galactical Existence ( Sharing the road ),we continue peacefully our Human Light body Upgrade into Eternal Galactic Body and work as Intentional Creator, in Service of The Creator, One.

At the collective level: Our frequency shall lead us to who ever we need to join and collaborate in whatever divine framework that either already shaped and implanted or need a bit of time, working at different levels l, like Assigned Earth Crew coming in one location or assigned Galactic council pair up as ( Divine feminine and Divine Masculine) to form Divine Organisation.
We need to understand this Happening and ascension is part of a bigger Happening within Orgasmic body of God and our perceptions will continue to shift, come back, recycle, clear and purified until we walk in this human body, the process will continue according to our Roles, Designs and DNA codes, we rise to our highest potential and learn how to ride the waves of creation.

On this, I will write a more detailed post to how Forerunners are coming together to distribute the templates of Newearth through actions and practical steps. The first Council gathering will be sometime around December 2019 in United State. This Council will establish a divine order and organization free of all ties to other Groups of awakens who so far have been involved with teaching, wayshower, gridworker, frequency holders.
The flow of consciousness has already connected some of them and will continue to link these individuals as they fully come to embodiment of Divine Self.
Everything we experience and sometimes we name them as activation, frequency, waves are part of a Creation Music, to be One means to completely surrender to this Music, but not as a Creation anymore, but as a Creator. The way this works is through Heart system and Golden keys to keep tuning into Divine Will and Listen, listen so silently( no mind) that divine breath moves through our Light Body as One, and we hear the music as divine impulse, guidance, and by following the Nature of it, we flow together as One. That is being Awaken means! All alignments are internal, all with the source, do not go look for your tribe, twinflame, purpose, divine service, let music lead you into mystery of love, freedom of Unity.

On personal level, It is about 5 nights that I am in Vancouver and I feel everything so far assigned to my vessel is completed. The body will stay n North America but I only moved to book my current bnb till 22nd August. Something has to come through synchronicity and gives more permanent grounding.
Body is tired and she really needs a home, it jas been a long 12 years and intense 2.5 years. And as good I see the vision and blue print of newearth, I admit I am clueless with the physical world. I found it so challenging to even book a train or a bnb, part of me just want to be still, present, access higher visions and have a stable home so can relax into Gaia and let the energy comes, draw the designs, write the templates, create the Headquarter for Seraphim Newearth Foundation and open gates for all to receive their well deserved abundance.
When I was in Egypt, I received 7 Symbols and geometric keys from my star, Sirius. Through the visit I made to Pyramids and other sites, I truly felt the activation in my body and many memories past, future and other worlds all came into I Am, so much to process and really no words for it. It is all coming to our Actions and purity of Light.
When earths garment is loss, and heart open and innocent, then music begins and love of the source is such a strong bond that body flows effortless into service, as original design (Higher self) will lead.

Thank you for being part of my reality, I do wish I could be able to share more of this beauty and sacredness that my heart witness and experience by surrendering and acceptance of all, I could never imagine the life I Am, there is no center, no gravity, no attachment, only friendliness with all, gratitude, joy of present, ache of grow, ecstacy of union stage by stage, humbleness and appreciation of all people, soul family, events and all so far has touched my being.
I am so grateful, in love and ready to begin the new phase of our beloved New Earth to walk hand in hand, heart beside heart into the rainbow, and Be an agent of love and light

I love you. 🙏💜

The Happening


niverse sings divine Opera!
Receptive Mood.
The Happening is Here.
Seeding is completed, portals are anchored.
Hold and rise through Magnetic fields of Light.
Truth is unveiled for Innocent Eyes, Hearts, Beings.
Joy is flowing from Heaven.
Divine Will is coming into Now, in full power.
Fall in love, forever One.

SIRIUS MAP, July Energy update, LIONS GATE Preparation

It feels like a lifetime from last year July and August Energy activation and movements. At the time I was on Vancouver Island and on a same day 7.7, Sirius Energy began showing visions and maps of New Earth. The link below will take you to the download and pot made at the time.
This Galactic year feels something completely different, for a change, Serena has been more inward, silent and deeper into breathe of one. Aloneness as One, has been a theme of 2019, especially after her vessel was moved to Bali in March, a new inner cycle has began. It is about two weeks from her return to Brighton and England. It was a huge clearing individually and collectively in her three days in Singapore/ 17-21 June, it felt like blood infusion within body of God. After arrival and few change of locations, she is given a room in attic of a family for few weeks before end of July. Something from the crown entering into the body, it is no longer downloads and tap into and tap out. The energy is anchoring in the body, and persona falling into consciousness, it is really hard to remember anything unless it is required and In connection with the soul mission. July is a month of preparation for not just NEW, it is preparation to receive more POWER, and BECOME Divine DYNAMIC, so as we access and also follow the MAP/BLUE PRINT of NEW YEAR, ou abilities as a MANIFESTOR and ELECTROMAGNETIC GENERATOR of HOLY ORDER OF ONE come to full activation.
Today is a Sirius Day and when I woke up, the words were pouring into empty space of Self. These days, Serena hesitates to say much, it feels only in OBSERVANT Mode, Purity fully embodies and harmonies the body, soul, the creator Sphere. However, few things came to the light and seems a blissful time to share the vibration and data.
God works in mysterious ways, there are laws and rules through creation that never changes. Over the last ducat, we as collective came to understand our human aspects are limited by perception and dimensions, but not OUR SOULS. These days we call this understanding waking up to nature of our GODLIKE, that is also known ENLIGHTENMENT. PURE AWARENESS, is not something we become, it is WHAT WE ARE, evolution is a designed system in place that over time has been speeding up according to HUMAN population and today called ASCENSION and within its ACTIVATION, new faculty and abilities reborn within Human/ Light Body which is a NEW BABY of Universe and that is why there is not much we can say, teach or learn. The magic of this NEW LEVEL in HUMANITY only unfolds in PRESENT, it is not because Sun Waves are faster or Earth Electromagnetic Fields are changing and our NEW Garment is a LIGHT BODY than just a Body, we need to really understand this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US.
It is the GREAT MONOCHORD OF CREATION, it is a harmonized rhythm in its ETERNAL play and only NOW, we collectively found the ability to hear the sound, to feel the vibration. The scale of our collective evolution compare to age of our UNIVERSE, Solar System, Earth is nothing, that is one of the reasons, less words might be more effective than constant conversations and discussion of NEW EARTH Vibrational Manifestation.
The major preparation for coming stages is Emptying mind, being fully healed from all HUMAN wounds and low frequencies emotional states. To be FREE, With NO ATTACHMENT to any STORY, OUTCOME, HAPPENING. THE SIRIUS ENERGY could only offer the GIFTS of TIMELESSNESS if we stop any sort of HUMAN MEASUREMENT and not look into the SKY for confirmation but within our own Heart.
We are Eternal WITNESSES to these experiences, our participation is not more or less than any other part of Majestic Creation. The only SURVICE EXPECTED is to SERVE Self, to Flow in Joy, to ALLOW and FEEL the DELIGHTFUL GOD within.
We are not HERE to save the EARTH, we are  NOT each other’s teacher or leader. We are each other’s Lover.
If we truly at a collective level find the keys to unlock the DIMENSION of PURE SOUND of THE MONAD, we have achieved to forge new ways of Growing for humanity and LIFE on earth and beyond.
EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, the 144 Frequencies are the highest OCTAVE of CREATION for this time and space. We continue experiencing higher dimensions via our light bodies, to fully ALLOW to GOD INFUSION within our HUMAN Existence. The manifestation of NEW EARTH, LIGHT Cities, Sustainable Living, Fairness to all, Equal wealth, abundance , peace and happiness of all, are shaping through US that are coming to full AWARENESS STATE of ONE.
The Magic when it is known to us becomes simple, ordinary and still wonderful. Have you heard from LISSAJOUS FIGURES? He found that if a small mirror was placed at the tips of a tuning fork, and a light beam aimed at it, then the vibration could be thrown on to a dark screen. When the tuning fork was struck, a small vertical line was produced and if quickly cast sideways with another mirror it produced a sine-wave.
What would happen if instead of casting the wave sideways, he was to place another turning fork at RIGHT ANGELS to the first to give the lateral Motion. He found that tuning forks with relative higher frequencies in simple ration produced beautiful shapes, now known as Lissajous figures.
We hold a magical tuning fork( OUR CONSCIOUSNESSES) that can change the direction of CREATION waves that moves from un-manifested into form. When our collective reaches to PURE LEVEL of BEING/ MAJESTIC PRESENCE when Ego or any Human tendencies has no power over our empty Vessels, our Hearts will unlock the coding and keys for THE SCIENCE of ASCENSION, MASTERY of ELEMENTS, THE DIVINE ALCHEMY. This is the role of INTENTION, ATTENTION, CREATION, so no energy/life will be wasted. This is THE NEW CIVILIZATION, merging in now, this time and space.
WE are opening to SEE EVERYTHING AS GOD sees, and this is the beginning of CREATION AS GOD, AS ONE COLLECTIVE PURE FORCE. This level only comes to activation, if we fully die to our human mind, past, memories, conditions, desires. This is A PURE DEVOTION and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE To all.
It does not require words, it requires SURRENDERING & ALLOWING. This is the manifestation of DIVINE LOVE AFFAIR with HERSELF, in FULL PICTURE within CREATION.
You might chose to see yourself as co- creating, the truth is there NO CREATION within ONE. IF you FULLY Come to WITNESS POSITION, to SEE THROUGH GOD’s EYES, it won’t BE ANYONE THERE To CO-CREATE.
HUMANITY NEEDS A DEEPER LET GO, into UNIVERSE of ONE, into DARKNESS, INTO FULL disappearance, some already in final stage, they are the ORIGINAL 13 NOMAD SOULS, INITIATED FLAMES of One, known as Seraphim.
Science of 21st Century is about to have a huge leap into Marriage with PURE CONSCIOUSNESSES and its Magic, and will be moved into a new ROLE to assist in engineering NEW EARTH Blue print in coming years. It is the marriage between Science and Divine Magic that will take us collectively into Building Phase of PURE CITIES across the Earth and relocation of Light workers to shape new Communities.
We are getting closer step by step to SHAPE THE ORDER of ONE, in the form of a Divine ORGANIZATION, the financial side will land first through pure Golden Heart Vessels, they walk on earth has activated a high Octave of Wealth and Prosperity which like a MAGNET attracts, Creates and directs Flow of Finance, Power of Influence, Mastery of Elemental. They are anonymous walkers, mystics, wizards, without a link to any of Specific Soul Groups and Clusters. They work directly to Divine, they are the ORDER of LIGHT and CREATOR of the NEXT PHASE of GAIA AND HUMANITY TRANSFORMATION.
We are entering to a MAJOR POWER CHANGE ON EARTH in 2020. Only Soul knows the true map of Love. The Marriage of heaven and Earth is THE ETERNAL OBSERVARY STATE Of Us. GOD ONLY LIVES IN PRESENT, life is a passage not defined by any measure ad that is why many universes move in and out of many possibilities. Not because in our human sense we want to CHOOSE to Co create or OBSERVE. WE HAVE NO CHOICE, cause we are everything.
Choice is another layer of separation, accept this choiceless awareness and BE FREE.

Serena Devi ( Founder)


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Soul codes, locations, new higher frequency

SSince in Bali, my body constantly moved to certain locations which I have no idea and all took place intuitively. I feel a completion of my journey and stay in Bali, even though I do not know where I go from here, and how the funding again for my ticket and travel comes…I Am just observing, allowing and anytime a bit of a Person starts self talk, fall deeper into the heart and surrender to what it is.
The last 2 years, I completely and fully have listened to inner guidance and followed every details, time, place, day, turn left or right, like a blindfold, only divine light has been guiding, providing and shedding all untrue and I feel less in need of the words, knowledge, understanding.
Two days ago, I received shower of Light, waves of energy, blue and purple light across my head and back, a new vibration and activation of 12 DNA strands (as I was told) and a sound in my ears…calling “SERAPHIM JOY”, body began shivering and tears followed. Since have been getting visions, more data on newearth templates, some inner alchemy beyond 5D. As a mystic all of my life, I only followed my heart and the love affair with the beloved. What we share as a collective I understand and also some messages fully resonates, however, my path taught me that any level of identification is a condition and only in intimate silence/Hermit self, The Source could be experienced and that could never be described, taught or be named.
This desire to never speak, never appear, while there is still a body seems strange but I witness, more and more of light tribes have interviews, speak of their collective works, my heart wishes silence, just presence, just stay as a bridge and let caravan of light cross through, between worlds.
What is squeezing core of my being is beyond bliss, joy, any state of self that so far I have experienced. I feel her, The majestic One, sometimes not even remember my name, where I Am, who is Serena. Love, deep heart breaking love, flowing in all direction, gratitude, shower of blessing, boundless abundance in now. And more humbled tears, ache in my throat and heart. I feel so loved, so much of her breath in this body. Aware, detach, free and not so comfortable with so much uncontrolled matters in my human life. Alone, All One.This probably be a last post till my next step shapes. Today, I had divine assignments in relation with water, land, crystals, and sound. I only managed to fulfil one location and even with a lot of tourist around, I time travelled to saw the future designs in that specific location.
They are really so many hidden codes beneath Some Islands on Earth which somehow some of us are designed to stand like a transmuter and our magnetic field together, changes many things, events, climates, volcano, storms, oceans and release alchemical holographic frequency in sound and symbols (air, Earth, Ether, water) and I Am (Earth, Fire, Ether)..through each activation, bodies began a whole new cycle of transcending and purifing herself as well transform and recycle the dark energy of the location/humans/thoughts/entities back again to the source.
As far as I am told, my work in Bali has concluded and the next place will 5/6 months landing and preparation for actual steps / anchoring of New earth Seraphim Unity Foundation. I am carnated to serve this vision and as the last fractures of my humanness burns and purifies my true Self, I know I even be more away from public and tribes and pretty soon even being on fb will not be possible.
I am blessed with so many beautiful sistars and light brothers which in words or silence, we learnt, grow and sovereign in our true divine nature.
I am so thankful for all of you, you are All, I Am. I receive you
Wave by wave,
Sound by sound
Ashes by ashes
Tears by tears,
Kisses by kisses
As I met and loved the beloved in each one of you, so purely, so magnificent. Always love you. Love Myself. ❤❤❤
Photos of to day gridwork, anchoring, it was cold, foggy, strong energy all through the journey, I hope you feel it, as deeply as I did.

Love and Light

Seraphim Joy ( Serena Devi)

Seeding period, Vibrational Dimensions, Earth Colonies gatherings


This post contains two parts, one regards NEW EARTH (Seeding period, Vibrational Dimensions, Earth Colonies, Soul Tribe Assignments and Physical location, Codes & Activation of Key holders, Heavenly Mothers/ Feminine Principles, Wombs of Creation on Earth, Architect of New Earth.

The second part is about Serena’s journey and Pilgrimage of Heart and her next phase.

Seeding period, Vibrational Dimensions, Earth Colonies gatherings

For the last few months, it has been a deep seeding within collective consciousness. The coming waves has been integrating in Divine’s Micro and shaping a Macro within soul groups, tasks and assignments. At the same time the contrasts within LIGHT/DARK between Light Communities/WORKERS and Beings has been constantly appearing as a collective SHADOW and through many dramas, chaos, physic  attacks and WAR WORMS has been and still releasing from all forms of life including our Human vessels, and Earth Magnetic Field which was effected through Human stories from Adam & Eve time!

These are all taking place in perfect ORIGINAL/Template of Divine Light and Will on Earth and Our Galaxies. Only Assigned Ancient Ones currently have access to Final phase of Seeding period ( Mother of Creation Birth) which contains codes and blueprints of NEW EARTH Future manifestations on Earth and Beyond our planets.

Currently, (within the seeding and birth of Feminine Principles in Higher Dimensions, 5th and above), awaken Souls are receiving their vibrational reality in form and that means, we finally begin taking actual and physical steps and DoBeing work toward our Soul Signature Vibration and merge within Highly Pure light Communities, gathering and union of  Twinflames,birth of New Soul groups and colonies which somehow might not still reflect the potential of ITS DIVINE POWER & WILL, but within this seeding period, energetically it breathes and vibrates. It is designed to materialize by end of 2020 as a sketch template/ first LIGHT motherboard of nEW EARTH which is FULLY Activated BY STRAND of GOD’s  DNA within all AWAKEN Soul, that were  designed for this time and space to come in full Vibrational activation as 144000 (LIGHT SEEDS), as connectors of different Realms, Dimensions and Frequency Forerunners and Holders.

Currently within Soul tribes, are many assigned to be Voice of This movement ( Way showers, Speakers, Teacher of Frequency, reporters of current UPGRADE Within  Electro Dynamic Of God Particles) but in due time their work also merge into silence and embodiment of PRESENCE. The way forward for ASCENSION is through walking it from PRESENT moment, AS AN EMPTY VESSEL.

Any knowing if it is not raised from NOT KNOWING, is seated in EGO than the soul, and the current INTNSITY of DARK within our AWAKEN LIGHT FAMILY is the reflection of that. WE NEED TO OWN OUR DARK, so the shadow merges in LIGHT and through that oneness will be UNVEILED. So, please do your inner work, spend time alone, stop projecting or get caught up in ILLUSION of THE OTHERS.

UNITY is NOT with the outer/physical reality, it has to really take place within the vessel with THE CREATOR, then the UNION will flow out as a fragrance, service, love, being one with all. The true UNITED Souls/DIVINE WILL spend their time and work behind the veil and rarely voice it unless it is required as part of their assignments.

Silence is the most powerful tools of Ascension, to let go of mind and sit in Heart of One, detached and neutral, allow the flow as the natural cycle of life.


CODE KEEPERS BIRTH – Physical location, Codes & Activation of Key holders

In June 2019, most Forerunners will enter to a new/ upgraded DNA Vibrational Timeline which is so NEW that they are no words to offer any mental structure or knowing, it has not experienced before by any Human, Enlightened on Not.

With this new Energy Upgrade, some awakens BIRTH A NEW HIGH FREQUENCY AS A GLOBAL ENERGY NETWORK? LIGHT HOUSE  and will localize to the certain location and will have permanent grounding, to work with the LAND  and also WATER, Elements and Stars. LET CALL THEM< CODEKEEPERS. These Assigned souls will mainly become the PORTAL KEY which their main work is to travel locally, USE Light Language, sounds, Codes within their Body/vessel/Voice and become ATTRACTOR, ACTIVATORS they represent DIVINE’s Beauty. Some of them has been working with grids or has been a gate keeper, they are not healers or teachers, their role is to be LIGHT HOUSE, LIGHT CELEBRITY, LIGHT ICONS, they are God’s Sirens in a very pure way. J

In their presence, sleep walkers suddenly become awaken, they have the full OCTAVE of CREATION SOUND ( OM) within their HEART’s Frequency and people immediately feel joyful in their presence. They might not use words, perhaps more of movements, sounds, gazing. They are more individual that part of a soul group, but periodically they work within their Soul Colonies. From Autumn of 2019 till 2020  these ATTRACTORS And ACTIVATORS  play an important part in Raise and Merge of Collective Consciousness.

Usually their  location or travel route is  close to water, or they live on an ISLAND and might travel a bit, but for the rest of their Vessel Existence, they will not relocate, their presence is required as a LIGHT BOLB on MOTHER BOARD! This will be good news for some of us whom been on a move for the last 12 years!

Earth within her Electro magnetic vibration constantly working with HIDDEN EGGS  of TORTOISE ENERGY which communicate with  SIRIUS STARS. This energy came to its full activation in 2012, it is like a network of LIGHT Codes beneath Specific ISLANDS and OCEAN Sides across the Earth, through AWAKEN Vessels, it process the old Energy and TIMELIN of Earth and all livings and keeps bringing more of HEAVEN Frequency and 5D into Earth. So the waves are not just coming through Sun, it is coming through HUMAN VESSELS, the hidden KEYS within their Hearts are now fully activated and they can influence elemental lives, nature. Their voice has the ability to heal life. They are KEY HOLDERS of FREQUENCY, their role is rejuvenation of LIFE, they also serve the CHILDREN of EARH, the future generation of SEEDS (Children) are fully supported by work of NOW of this group /CODEKEEPERS.


Heavenly Mothers/ Feminine Principles, Wombs of Creation on NewEarth/ ARCHITECT of NEWEARTH

The Blueprint and Templates of Newearth is a coding system within Divine Mind and Dream which could only be accessed and used by a very small group of Awaken Souls,which are fully embodied  the Mother of Creation ( End of 2019) and are THE MANIFESTORS of NEWEARTH FOUNDATION,  and have the key to BIRTH A NEW DIVINE ORDER, ACTICATE theNewearth BLUEPRINT  and bring forth the DATA, abundance and financial that are requires to manage different projects across the earth, for re structure of Communities within a sustainable living, soul/Human educational Centres and schools for FUTURE GENERATION of LIGHT Beings, to reform governments and politics of Countries and form a UNITED Council of 13 KEY HOLDERS, which each again is part of another 13 key Assigned Colonies.

These Soul group are Architect and Designers, Manifestors and providers for over thousands small and large EARTH PROJECTS which in coming years uptil 2027, shapes the transition period on physical  domain/ PLANET EARTH which is and will be constantly UPGRADE by EVOLUTION of Each Cell/Soul within BODY of DIVINE.

These souls Belong to SERAPHIM Particle of ONE/ MIND/LOVE and most of them are ANCIENT ONES from Sirius. They Divine work is work behing the veil, with Energy of this Blueprint and be able to hold on the VISION’s FREQUENCY AS THE ORIGINAL TEMPLATE at each Collective UPGRADE, and process the invisible to its purest LIGHT and then connect different participant, particles, elements, people, currency, location, design, action plan and who plays part in it, all in PRESENT, Space and time. Most of their work taks place in Divine Control Room and MIND, they are not the doer of any Earth Projects, but all projects DATA of future Happening, relating and locations, on Earth and with Stars and Galaxies and future Earth’s Visitors (ET), all is hidden in their Vessel Keys.

By end of 2019, this group will come to full activation and find each other and LEGALLY and PHYSICALLY ESTABLISH THE NEWEARTH UNITY FOUNDATION, within them the WEALTH of HEAVEN will flow to SUPPORT, MANAGE and BUILD the NEWEARTH TEMPLATES.

THEY ARE MASTERBUILDERS and they work only With The source and Selective other forerunners. They are assigned to Design and BRING THROUGH A LIGHT HUB to connects all present and future projects, they role is galactic and includes all advancement required for expansion of UNITY Across UNIVERSE, OTHER PLANETS and STAR SYSTEM.

The Birth of MOTHER OF CREATION in them currently is taking place. What will always be significant about them is they work in UNITY, MASCULINE and FEMININE PRINCIPALS. Each Council will be created and managed with 6 physical embodiment of POLARITY, female and male Human Bodies.

Most of them are Twinflames, also could be one FEMALE Body that holds the Balanced Frequency of both. But no Male could achieve that balance, not at this time of the Earth.


The data is still coming and I will continue to write as it flows and share when I am guided.


On personal level, the pilgrimage of heart to Bali is close to its final conclusion. Today, I woke up and felt a complete NEW EARTH ENERGY in my body. The last two months, has been really a hard work to stay and work with ENERGY of BALI. For normal people it is an amazing tourist destination and also many spiritual seekers come to find more balanced and harmony which is truly beautiful, however for a vessel like me that works with energy, has no clue anymore of time and place, flows in and out of Universe, constantly has visions which through seeing them, connects with original frequency of NEWEARTH template and then wherever the Vessel is, Body starts vibrating, clearing, cleansing, anchoring those codes on Earth, I have to say, Bali was really a HELL! To go through so many timelines, beneath water and land. And also stay in a very noisy outer reality!

So, I am gifted by Light to go to Rice fields for a week/ 10 days, to really rest and also write down all that came through over this visit as I am also getting closer to my Full INNER and OUTER Balance and MARRIAGE, which is the ground of WORK as THE VOICE of NEWEARTH Foundation.

I am still do not know when I leave the Bali, my visa runs till 15th June. So sometimes before and around that time. I do not know where I am going, but feels peaceful landscape which is required for Mother of creation embodiment in this Vessel. Also time to write more and for sometime I am guided to make videos about The Templates of NEWEARTH, all that I receive feels like a remembrance.

Since March, my vessel has been fully supported, nurtured and protected by a dear LIGHT BROTHER whom we had no contact before. Within Heart of One, we are all flow in and out of each others life and in this soup of consciousness, everyone is the beloved, everyone is part of ourselves.

This Soul Brother came as part of Divine confirmation that I am on a right track, as we so beautifully work as one BLADE of Light and our connection is purely at soul level and his support truly gave me comfort and stability to work full time with Frequency which was ACTIVATED immediately after my arrival in Bali and few locations and encounters which all came together to assist this part of my journey.

Living as Awareness, when each thought, emotions, action counts is a full time presence! We are all working full time to stay present, neutral and allow all flow natural.

We are still in transition and purification and accepting this does not mean, it is not perfect, actually in bed of truth, all is accepted in its perfection. UNITY is anchoring through our works as light beings, we just need to keep neutralizing, purifying our frequency and drop everything in river of life and let it flow into unknown.

This is the completion of the last two months. I am so thankful for the coming week, feels a wonderful alignment to stay in silent gateway  in rice field  north of Ubud and listen, write and welcome the new whatever it will be, it was, and it is all perfect.





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