New Portals, preparation for 2020 Abundance bridges

Healing of Old, activating New Creation codes

The last few days, has been another deep clearing, vaccum cleaning on collective lower frequency, to transform, purified and anchor energy of Heaven, joy of present on Earth.
After the collective reset in September 2019, many locations and roles of forerunners are changed and it is much more within individual soul blueprint that our new grounds and divine work is shaping.
It is important to understand within the collective, we move on different waves and frequencies.
First wave blue rays have been through a longer human life between 45/60 age now, they carry the Orginal templates of new year and as they galactic role as frequency holders and activating sites and portals are concluded they are moving into resting and connecting power points on Earth/Stars/Solar system/ Other galaxies within matrix and by end of 2019, a new Mother board generator is coming to live which it’s purpose to connect and flow heaven’s limitless abundance into New Earth and all New civilization projects.
Many ruin sacred sites and lands currently releasing hidden codes of abundance through human light bodies which either travel or live or recently relocated to specific geography coordination,to receive and connect those codes to living templates and hold form and formless Through Divine Will, so the bridges shape and come fully to alignment for the happening in 2020.

Since I am stationed in Turkey, it has been fast track 3D events and actions which made it hard to stay receptive for downloads, and only since I am in Bodrum, again templates are charged and visions and energy of Higher self are showing and directing the human vessel. 🙏

This morning I went to a ruin city close to Bodrum names Pedasa Antique City.
Pedasa lived the ancient Lelegs during the Bronze and Iron Ages. Lelegs considered as a separate nation of the Ancient Carya, they moved here after the Trojan War. The flowering civilization of which fell for the period from 11th to 6th centuries BC.
The energy is old and New, both mystical and galactical, the city is ruined and they are fragments of fortress walls and two internal towers. Several dome-shaped tombs have been preserved in the southern part of the hill.

I spent sometime there and while was anchoring a New Energy Portal, I had a vision , saw a Huge Wheel above the Harbor, spinning in reflection of a golden disk inside darkness of Space/womb of creation, it was full of shinny stars, felt like Milky way in form of wheel.
And then a key fell from above, into the water and golden bubbles befan appearing and float above the water. Then I saw a City of Light, made by plasma, sound and vibrating in the exact geographic place that my body currently is standing.

For sometime, I feel part of me wants to step back and be just in silence, at the same time, the energy stored in body as consciousness inviting my attention toward new creation, as and from Mind of One, as Divine Architect and Mother of Creation. How is still unknown, but as all things are shown and experience as natural flow and the mind of one is always stays neutral, it appears my presence in Turkey and this region is part of my future self map as my human history also empowers the current happening, I continue to play my part natural and with or without others, the ascension story has completed for my human vessel and she is at a New Stage of Creating and balancing Gaia.
Every step has to become effortless, happening without any translation or reasoning, as consciousness, there is no more a person to get upset, blame, point finger, act impulsive or even require any guidance.
The Earth is the mirror of Heaven, we can choose which one is our reality and move within that frequency, and Be…
That is the Sound of OM.

Photos from today activation of joy, mystery, hidden codes of creation and beauty of not knowing…Only Now and Here. 🙏
Thank you Life. ❤

Bigger Picture of Ascension




This is PART one of a Three- THE HAPPENING

Universe is designed in opposition, its endless renewal through structures and orders, carrying seeds of polarity, in pair, from Atoms to Humans, From Stars to Galaxies. The Main substances of Universe are, normal matter, dark matter” and dark energy. Scientists model indicates 70% dark energy, 25% dark matter and only 3% normal matter which consists of the atoms that make up stars, planets, human begins and every other VISIBLE objects in Universe.( Wikipedia)

Pause and ponder on what seems our proven scientific fact and ask yourself where EARTH ASCENSION falls into.

They are small pictures of this evolution and they are MUltiUniverse/Dimensional happening currently in progress within THE DIVINE STRUCTURE. For our Human experience in the body, everything we experience is NEW, can be overwhelming to  FEEL Bombard of Waves and constant Integration in our mind/body/soul functional reality. Constant let go of emotions, thoughts, attachments. Becoming more of No-thing, how our body is transforming to a new Living System.  The connectivity of LIFE is not within visibility structure, it works through intensity of formless and form, unborn and manifested. It is an eternal pull between matter and Spirit. Like a pull between Masculine and Feminine, the biology of life is the same as Biology of Universe, that means within all livings, there is a ratio and there is a density that needs to HAPPEN, so Divine Order of Creation Stay intact and in forever renewal of Energy, which is the visible aspect of Consciousness.  What is our say in all these?  OUR HEART Activation is the way through this RENEWAL of OUR HUMAN System into A More Cosmos System. The pure power is in our access if/when the knower in us disappear along our human though/ emotion link with judgment of good/evil (EGO) and Divine PURE Light take control of our Vessels to HAVE A COLLECTIVE QUANTUM SHIFT.


 Soul system of Gaia is in a MAGNETIC PUSH ( For Years ahead of us, to Upgrade our Vibration state, Human, other planes, Elemental especially WATER) and will be a PULL afterward ( When the NEW EARTH FREQUENCY COMPLETELY STABILIZED, OUR HEARTS  and GAIA’s GALACTIC HEART have come to Alignment, so Earth could Fully Function as a GALACTIC NEUTRAL CENTRE & PLATFORM ) to KEEP THE PLANET and all LIVINGS on IT, to SAVE ENERGY means to SAVE LIFE, and if this adjustment does not happen with the way HUMANS ( SleepWalkers) are going on, the  Planet and livings will fall into a lower frequency which is an early End of Life System and Energy  on the planet. This is Divine INTERVENTION, in Form of A mass AWAKENING. Imagine how all White Cells in our Body be alarmed when there is an  infection in the body and rearrange their roles, movements to support, fight and bring back the balance, and neutral state of Health.

 Same goes here.  For that there is no other alternative but for Consciousness to evolve and that is one paradigm shift after another, until the PUSH begins to slow down and move to PULL order. UNIVERSE Process also follow the same role, as above, so below.

The electromagnetic fields of entire our Galaxy is following the same Holographic Order of this REFORM in our HUMAN SYSTEM, START SYSTEM.

We Humans just began to touch the tip of the iceberg, having a SELF –Realization that we are ONE, ALL Connected in ONE DREAM, ONE BREATH. And it is very hard for our functional mind to grasp the unknown, the speed of change in perspective,  breaking of walls of identity, release of lifetimes false emotions stored in our body, environment.  Nevertheless of what we think as Human Species as Billions of life on this planet, Divine SOUL REVOLUTION is HAPPENING.

Molecule by molecule, DNA by DNA.

 IN COLLABORATION WITHIN DIVINE MIND & WILL,  some of us called again AWAKENS, Forerunners, Galactic High Council, Star Seeds, we are all receiving DATA, Messages from the Source of all to assist Humanity to smoothly grow UP into Soul and from there, Merge with MONAD Soul, so our planet vibrational reality rise to a HARMONIC ALIGNMENT with the REST of Galaxy and Other Galaxies.

We might like to see this as a rise in Dimension, Connectivity with other forms of Intelligence, DNA Activation through Waves of Solar Sun, all is true and supportive of this Divine RESTRUCTURE & INTEGRATION.

NEW EARTH is A Revolutionary  HOLOGRAPHIC Happening to shape a new State and Order religion, government, society, economy, social awareness. It is a PLACE to live in Full TRANSPARENCY, EQUALITY, MANAGED BY Brotherhood/sisterhood/Collective Councils across the globe. It is a place that no DARK Government Can Rule. This is the AGE of Freedom and each one of us that been chosen to walk at this time on this planet, Having Human Experience, has also Given a Choice to Access our HIGHEST STATE of Consciousness and use it to the best of our ABILITIES, DESIGN, PURPOSE, To serve this HAPPENING.

IN The coming few months, pure consciousness will take the lead and  IAm as part of ALL, will become fully active, neutral, observant and could LISTEN Through inner Guiding System ( CRYSTAL HEART)and follow through, then at the collective Level, Awaken ones localized more strategically on the planet each either with momentary code activation in their physical form shall receive whatever is required for their mission and tasks or already got it activated Through Monad Soul Unified Field.

IN The next two posts, I will explain Why I am Brought to Somerset, Wells and Glastonbury and What Triangle Pyramids are creating across the Earth for LIONS Gate Passageway, Also the importance of Water in all forms, Oceans, Streams, Lake, on our planet is about to play a huge role in future of The earth.

Light, Love and many blessings

Seraphim Light ( Serena Devi)





This writing includes two parts, one is my personal journey and experiences as Human, Vessel and ongoing transition to be a pure agent of Divine Will and the other, what I channel and receive in momentary (The Presence) alignment with Universe, Star gate, Location and My unique DNA Coding, gate keeping and sometimes gridwork which serves and assist the collective ascension and more crystalline on New earth Blue print Templates.


Since my arrival in Bali and Ubud on 2nd March, the land has been fully supportive and has been carrying my vessel effortless from one stage to another. Some drama upon arrival and relocation too few Guest houses which each one reflects how I allow abundance arrives into my physical reality and relax more in Divine presence. I also had few encounter with dark energy and people either possessed by entities or unknowingly serving them by their life energy. I rarely speak or share about dark side of light as this is not the area I work with. I even recognize more of the dark energy on my arrival week by present of many westerns for a Yoga Festival and all through tiny streets of Ubud on bike or walking, their hunger and need for light and peace could be felt. After my personal experience with a group of light workers in South California and loss of my Chi and being under physic attack and then ending in LA and in a huge wormhole period (September 2018), I truly accept the existence of Dark in polarity as well as Oneness. The difference is in polarity and the world we live is as daily life, Darkness has more power due to collective fear and separation and other sort of beings beyond physical realm could manipulate individuals, even light workers to serve this impure intentions. However, if one truly stands in Unity and oneness with the source, they physic still might be attacked and or their open heart and energy will be seek by vampires but no harm could come and they one Soul and pure light and transparency will make them invincible. Well, Bali, The land of Gods is a great platform to witness this dance of dark and light.

For someone like Serena who has not much of anything from material, nothing is more interesting than witness herself in face of great lessons and how she needs to call in her own Mastery to return to inner peace. Bali from da first has been a challenge for m physical body as she is as sensitive to heat and energy and as we all know going through some huge Solar Waves, my body has been burning inside out and also many sleepless night. I also found it difficult to keep still, and some part of me ( masculine) wants to create, to engage with people, dance, have sex again ( make love) after many years celibacy! These are all true in my daily experiences also that Bali strangely give me the closest sense of HOME!

I always had a deep connection to north America Pacific Coast and when I left Canada after 10 months deep intense pilgrimage through USA and Vancouver Island ( finally having some resting time in Gibsons with gifts of good friendships and peaceful nature), I felt a permanent home will be manifested there, and almost 10 days before my visa ran out, I had this huge energy shift and Vision of Bali began vibrating through my entire physical body, I knew I am pulled to another Star Gate and a new assignment is activated and in such a blissful and effortless flow, all abundance and people whom need to be involved in this work appeared and we each devotionally playing our roles in full capacity, thank you my soul tribe, I love you as myself.

I am left with less than 14 days to leave Bali and reenter to extend my tourist visa and as my initial guidance was to stay for 3 months, I trust the required parts for this happening flows to me and I continue my Frequency work. Which this time feels not just opening the Gates and also myself being activated by hidden symbols, I feel a new gift which is coming into full activation and that is somehow speeding up the clearing of all untrue parts of collective, individual  and also dormant beneath the ocean.

Next week I am guided to spend few nights close to ULUWATA Temple and work around Sunset until I leave the Bali for one night stay in Kuala Lumpur. As usual m funding indicates how far in advance I can plan the next move, so not much of planning can be done right now. Just surrendering and accepting that my intension to stay on in Bali will attracts the required ingredients for manifestation.

Part of my Divine work was and is to form a NEW EARTH UNITY foundation which unlike some that already merged and working and most of them are Ego and self -serving and I saw few in Bali which their sole purpose is marketing and selling Products and keep the collective in need of Gurus and leaders and as some of my dear friends mentioned it, serving the fake prophecy!

I think by now, my true heart connections know, the degree of have walked bare and constantly inviting myself to be more of a witness and let silence speak through my action and presence. This love in what it is is beyond words, passion and desires, it is the purpose of my I AM and since childhood I know I am the VOICE of this Foundation and for that I NEED to Let go of all my Loved ones, Titles, Earth Possessions, Family wealth and personal comfort to stand AS DIVINE WILL on Ground of Earth and 2019 is the year this has to come to its full MANIFESTATION, so this foundation could be a Sincere, pure and Authentic Hub to connect the soul tribe which are only assigned to work with this frequency come together. And as I have been walking in trust, I hope the coming months give me a serene home so I can begin to use words to convey the frequency and template of new earth.

Part two

On a collective level, we are moving into our assigned tribe and work faster than before and it is vital we recognize we are moved by a greater impulse (Divine Impulse) than out to do list and desire to achieve something. True leader works behind the scene, with no need for praise or acknowledgment, the know there is nothing outside of self.

The consciousness that leads my vessel is linked to SIRIUS Star, also a great deal of what we know as FUTURE of humanity could be access by this vessel through Divine MIND. This work is holographic ad energetic manipulation of present to become ZERO and open to NEW CYCLE of Energy which in coming few years by expansion of Ascension on Entire Earth, make is even faster to clear all history and memory of Untrue from OUR HUMAN DNA as well as implement of GOD NEUTRAL Protocol through assigned Light beings.

For sure our works are becoming more specific, and as we all wish for a peaceful and joyful planet and united Civilization which serves life and CHILDREN OF THE EARTH.

Sometimes I feel I am failing the Source of all as most of my doings is no doing and JUST Work through BEING, Energy, and so much movement with higher realm and what on linear appears as FUTURE. On daily basis so much data lands and I am still not guided to share it fully, there are not many of us assigned to work from Control Room of The Source, Visions and frequency and how we tailor timelines and ourselves has to move first through it energetically and then clear it for the others and we are not even can put words on them.

We just breathe and become more of nothing! And our body works as transmitter of NEW FREQUENCY of light and suddenly entire planet and humanity move into a clearer and easier state. Right now, April feels a lot Dark release and not just speaking of truth but also exposing the Dark Masters! The false prophecy needs to be diminish before the entire NEW EARTH Blue print be fully unveiled.

I am urgently calling your hearts into more centering in love and acceptance of all and yet please be aware until JUNE, there is a deep vacuum cleaning of all untrue and veil be thin. We can access silence and space to be at any giving moment if we wish to, no other reality exist, only perceptions and our personal choice on how we perceive others.

May we all find the true beloved within our heart and being and share from place of equality, trust and oneness.

Thank you

Serena Devi


If you wish to support by donation

Until I stabilize in on place it is not possible more than sharing in this manner, however I know I need to create A social media platform to support the work of NEW EARTH Unity Foundation, so if you have a gift music, sound, podcast building, video making, knowledge of Non organized Foundation, Community building and so on and wish to volunteer few hours of our time, please get in touch by our contact form.

New Earth is a Frequency and yet every human step is required to re build and re arrange the already manifested parts into more harmonious ways.




The activation of 3.3.3


Today 3.3.3. We arrived and landed in middle world of New Earth, where our day to day reality becomes the most powerful realm, present moment is where everything happens, at the same time, middle world is created by what we see and know in linear/ Future. When we fully surrender to life and let go of all identities, stories and maintain observant position, the world becomes our playground. Our intentions become magical wands and present is where our mindfulness moves us gracefully through not knowing of life, and yet be able to relishing the abundance of the Earth in ease and effortless.
When we speak, spirit speaks. When we move, Spirit moves. The unity that we are witnessing is shaping a new higher abilities in human race, that only can master by innocence of Heart, a divine instinct, a way to become Master of Universe without Presence of any false Self.

The future of Earth is happening now. The question is are we ready to fully let go of our collective shadows? Recently the awakening movement has become another untrue and toxin layer which requires to be let go of once and for all. Only the inner Guru is real, only the world you choose to live in becomes real. We are storytellers from beyond whom neither made of nor defined by the story. Our greatest ability lays in witness state, where we evolve through it and collectively we develop the new ability to dream a new story, Our NewEarth is that story which mainly coming to manifestation cause at soul level we all remember it from Future of Earth.
This is the date, we individually choose in what dream we want to live. Many call and introduce this as dimensions, unity and many other words. It is time to stop looking at sky and act on our inspirations, divine impulses without fixing on a known story, ascension can Not become more important than Truth. Truth is the creator lives through us, we are borderless ocean of consciousness in forever renewal and expansion and today we require much less effort to bring this new dream into our experiences.
At the same time, we need to understand our roles as Earthkeepers, the stewards of all life on this planet.
Investing so much of our creative force in conversations and promotions is waste of Earth future and present resources.
Returning to our inner world and fully master the mind without too much interference from outer world is the true spiritual path and awakening, no one outside of us could offer that liberation. Each awaken soul/light body is a bridge between physical and the spirit realm. Self Mastery only comes by daily practice of stillness and absolute acceptance of life as it is.
For us to create this collective dream, is to become soft and tender so deeply within that the force of creation/God/the source flows effortlessly over, through and below the bridges of Human anchors. We invented names for these bridges, gatekeeprs, gridworkers, wayshowers and so on..the truth is we only need to not caught up in illusion, the outer world is the smoky mirror, our movements toward a peaceful, simple and sustainable Earth is not possible through the mirror, we require access to our true essence, blue print and pure intentions.
Today, We are standing at Andean Cross, the hole in the centre is 3.3.3 gateway to interdimensional travel to higher states of awareness and wisdom to completely break free from linear time and connect to Future dream and from this day on Earth, the awaken ones step backward from their future consciousness into present, and map out, and AS AN ACTIVE AGENT OF DIVINE MAGNET, pull in the the energy of The future Dream into Current Flow of Consciousness, in form of abundance, gathering of tribes, Divine Organization and Heart Leadership.

We heard the number of 14400 so often in regards to this happening, I do not know and do not understand the purpose of our collective overpreparing for future transformation of Earth, the tasks at our disposal requires more attention and we can leave that happening to the rest of children of the Earth, and only focus and listen within to what Divine impulse activated and offer our full collaboration to true self and enjoy the present, this moment.

The roles will be play out peacefully and individual assignments and missions are will be fulfilled when there is no attachment to a certain outcome.
Please be aware of the False Self promoters who still you have to join a course, attend a workshop, be this and that and invite you to their over priced retreats and online master courses. The true servants of one, claim nothing, offer everything. They walk exactly as Christ on Earth and refer you to be united with Divine directly than through them.
Our dream is changing, but law of Love, faith, innocence has not changed.

Truth speaks in silence.

The Living Universe

an essential component of total upgrade of THE LIVING UNIVERSE.
As we evolve in our understanding/awakening to true nature of self, Human Vessel, coming together in soul groups to fulfil our divine assignments, live more consciously on Earth, it is purposeful to remind ourselves that our materialism and visible parts of our reality are the result of inner alchemy of the living Universe which is and continue be invisible to our normal human sights. In our eternal journey as Consciousness, we are Empty Passages that Force (Divine Will) moves through and bring all invisible potent components into physical reality to support the CONTINUES OF THE LIVING UNIVERSE.
Because our view of the universe creates the context within which
we understand and choose our future, it is critically important that we
have an accurate understanding of our cosmic home AND DIVINE DESTINY.
IN unformed and TIMELESS Universe, everything is possible, because the frequency of Life is The Ultimate purity/No-thingness. Imagine the complete Darkness of womb of the mother, a heart beat in void. This is where we are going as Awaken/Collective Consciousness. The higher your frequency is, the easier Divine Will moves through according to this Living Universe Design.
Everything is possible, because everything is purposeful. This purposeful is beyond 3D and normal human mind and perceptions.
The reason of this fast acceleration and integration which involves Many Humans come to be awaken is to upgrade along side of the rest of the living UNIVERSE, New Earth in a huge part of Gaia energetic upgrade as well our Human Civilization. We have passed the Point of No RETURN.
And Becoming One with Force means, we are about to lose more and more of physical materialistic perceptions to reevaluate our Human body social, economical, environmental, spiritual, cultural, educational, values and principals.
To live consciously is far deeper work than speaking of codes and light languages (with all do respect to All), it is the time communicate with Universe with respect with all of our Resources to make global practical steps to distribute prosperity, safety, food, shelter equally and fairly as our NewEarth Foundation. So many of Earth guardians, assigned Starseeds are about to come together as Active Hubs to connect All The Dots to serve this Divine purpose. Equality, Simplicity, Transparency/Heart Purity are not words,THEY ARE DIVINE ORDERS THAT HAS TO COME TOGETHER/ as Trinity that Governs Divine Organization in the coming years, the linear future shall continue without concept of Time for all Awaken Light/Human Brings, nevertheless as long as we are here in physical, we need to be Earth stewards and Guardian of the children of earth.

I invite you to join our website and mailing list. 2019 is the beginning of a great changes toward Unified Vision of One Love, creating tangible resources and funding not just to support Collective Ascension but also bring together Lightworkers, forerunners as purposeful micro part of Divine Organism.

In 2019, our mission is to create an Order to anchor Divine Crystalline templates across globe, to design and paste the Divine Unity Organisation BLUEPRINT, IN COMING MONTHS we will share the transitions steps, locations, roles, how to facilitate for each other as One community, offering strategy to move from being just an Online Ascended Souls to really be Truthwalker on Earth.
2019 is the year of Unified Actions, as finally Masculine and Feminine principals are healed and empowered in Human Ancestry DNA, and can merge and unite, also be an open space and Vessels for the arrival of The Source, as the ultimate Creator of all.
The Living Universe is expanding fast and beyond our even 5D understanding, it is an invitation to Ride with Cosmos Waves.


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Insight into 2019, Only One Exists

The next step, the next phase is always in present.
The inner oneness is the primary feeling, ascension’s update could be overwhelming and even untrue when constantly speak of clouds, spaceships and how we as Human should raise our vibration.
The Source holds everything and only In Oneness of Heart, mystery is unveiled.
Over the last few weeks and months, since the return of my vessel to Canada/Vancouver area, this deep desire to go inward and be has taken over and only my soul impulses, I Am has engaged or interacted. This undeniable disappearance in love, the aloneness and solitude that comes with it, the instrumental Silence, merging all aspects, principals within, all has been a leading flow to final act which is the complete emptiness and marriage with the source, the creator of All.
This long and challenging period of Awakening to True Self, has left most of us in space of waiting, integrating, surrendering and trust.
The flames in our Humans Hearts has arrived to her peaks, the landscapes of Eden are clear and open to welcome true devoted servants of Love.
2019 will be another bare open space to receive the authenticity of Soul and Allow the marriage between Soul and the Source. For the ones who are fully awaken, forerunners and so, it is the absolute THAN LANDS FULLY IN VESSELS and the point of attention will be always Inward.
To Create, attract and direct as the Source, complete freedom from All interiors exteriors, relations, control (as Ego), having a centre and even direction, all must dissolves.
Universe is within, all stars, planets, galaxies, they all resides within One.
We are entering in a complete NEWNESS and this New Force lies within Pure Consciousness. To access and Master this Frequency and power, we MUST always have enough innerspace and silence to allow its pure activation. Any manifestation we desire individually must merge in benefit of All, to bring forth abundance, wealth, harmony, balance and more love for all livings, here and beyond Gaia.
Ascension can not be primary, and giving too much attention to outsides will be the downfall of many Ascension teachers in 2019 unless, the teaching become as One INSTITUTE, SCHOOL.
That also equally need to be linked to how our light communities are shaping. We are truly One and at the same time bonded to our multi- dimensional Essence/Self Vibrational existence.

Ask yourself truly and deeply
Who am I?
Before your soul embark the next phase of Divine adventure into Heart of One.
The next phase is the ultimate happening, Offering Soul/ higher self to The SOURCE OF ALL.

Words Serena Seraphim Light